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Shylock is a 2020 Malayalam action-thriller movie and released on 23 January 2020. Written by new-comers Aneesh Hameed and Bibin Mohan and Directed by AjaiVasudev, Shylock stars Mammootty, Rajkiran, MeenaDurairaj, Siddique, KalabhavanShajon, Baiju Santhosh, and HareeshKanaran. Riyas edit the film. K. Badhar, with the music score, GopiSundar, and cinematography by Renadive.


 Shylock opens with Boss, a ruthless moneylender, and Prathapa Varma, a film producer. The latter approached Boss to loan money, which he later fails to pay back. Angered, Boss causes hassle and commotion in the film and kidnaps the Producer to get his money back. All the mayhem lets Prathapa, with his friend Felix, a Police commissioner send goons after Boss to kill him. When the attempt fails, they decide to frame Boss to kidnap the producers’ son Adithya. It is later revealed that Boss killed Adithya.

If you are careful and connect the dots, then most of the secret is given very cleverly in the movie’s first scene.

Later it is revealed why Boss is so adamant about harming Prathapa in his past.

When he goes to a house where a man named Ayyanar, his brother woke up, Boss’ real name is Devan, and he used to live with his large family. He and his brother tried to convince the family of Ponnkhuzali, whom their cousin brother wanted to marry. The family’s refusal on the grounds of caste differences caused Devan and Ayyanar to fight the girl’s father, Rangan. Things worsened when Devan had to go to Chennai, and Rengan, with Prathapa and Felix’s help, takes revenge on

Devan’s family by killing them all and crippling Ayyanar for life.

After connecting the dots, it is answered why Prathapa would often wonder if Boss was part of something in the past. Boss made Prathapa the character of his movie to bring justice to his dead family and brother.

Shylock is made for the main lead, Boss, played by Mammotty. The writers seem to have made a movie as a tribute to the mega-star, using his fame to run this one-man show. Shylock is unique. It brings a sense of nostalgia with its use of dialogues from past movies. It brings you a sense of sympathy for the supposed antagonist, who later is revealed as the main protagonist, with its thumping beats, dialogue delivery, phenomenal performances, especially from the main lead. Boss is a treat to all Mammotty’s fans who look forward to see him in thriller movies online.