WoW: Chains of Domination
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World of Warcraft Shadowlands will shortly receive new content in its 9.1 update patch. The BlizzCon 2021 event, which this time has been developed entirely through the internet, has given more details about what awaits all of us who continue to travel through the Shadowlands.

Chains of Domination, as the next update is called, will bring Blizzard’s legendary mmorpg content to bore in both missions and challenges for groups of players. And of course, companion pets and a multitude of mounts. This is the content update 9.1.

Two new dungeons arrive alongside Chains of Domination; Tazavesh, the Veiled Market and the Tabernacle of Domination. The first is a mega dungeon of mythical difficulty – for the moment, as they have stated. It is composed of 8 bosses that will grant a multitude of weapons, pets and mounts. Tabernacle of Domination will be the new raid dungeon with ten new bosses to beat in its four difficulties.

Torghast doesn’t seem to be getting much news. In the panel dedicated to World of Warcraft it has only been commented that it will receive new areas, powers and enemies, but it does not seem that the mechanics that dominate this tower with random characteristics will change.

There will be no reputation building as in previous expansions. In addition, by unlocking the ability to fly through the Shadowlands, our curia will give us a gift, a new mount to add to our collection.

As they advance on the official World of Warcraft page, Chains of Domination will bring changes to the PvP system with the start of Season 2. PvP talents will be balanced and new rewards will be added such as more vicious mounts: gorms. The update also adds, in the case of Mythic dungeons, a new affix inspired by the theme of the patch and higher level equippable items.

We will have to wait longer to know the exact date of the launch of Chains of Domination, but what is clear is that World of Warcraft fans have Shadowlands and history for a while.

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 (Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)